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C3 is a comprehensive cloud-based suite of applications that cater to solving complex challenges within the Food and Beverage industry.

While teaming up with major players in the commissary and catering industries, Blue World designed and developed a cloud-based suite of applications dedicated to solving its complex challenges.

C3 provides Centralized Solutions, Cost Analytics, and Consumption Insights, to help in the efforts to minimize waste, increase profits, and maintain compliance.

Please read a few of our success stories on appc3.com

INVENTORY TRAK is a professional software tool to help optimize food ordering and production through increased supply chain visibility and predictive analytics while increasing your business' ROI.

  • Optimize Food Ordering and Production
  • Predictive Analytics and Forecasting
  • Measure Performance to Target Waste
  • Revenue and Cost Reporting by POS, Route, Menu, Offering, etc.
  • Compatible with Seed and Lightspeed

NUTRILABEL PRO is a state of the art tool designed to enhance the look of your product labels and keeps your business compliant with FDA nutritional and labeling guidelines.

  • Nutritional Content Calculation
  • Design Front and Back of Package Label
  • Maintain Personalized Database of Ingredients
  • Nutritional Content Calculation
  • Barcode Generation