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Software as a Service

Blue World’s Software as a Service (SaaS) team asks a simple question, why does your business idea need to fit within a third-party’s model? Bring your objectives to life by collaborating with a software partner that puts your business first. Blue World professionals will consult, design, and execute a solution for your concept. Together, we can solve any business challenge.

Check out a few of our success stories below which feature a growing business, an entrepreneur, and an established corporation that we helped to think outside the box.


GlobalConnect® had a need to boost their technology infrastructure to support a growing business. The execution has led to a complex transaction-based system servicing consumers and foodservice operators across the US and Canada. Today 250,000 hosted balance transactions are performed daily in real-time with zero system outages. The technology boasts a full-service admin panel, complex dashboards and reporting, a user facing website with several third-party integrations, and the backend of a mobile app to highlight some key functionalities.

GlobalConnect® is the registered trademark of GlobalConnect, LLC. All rights reserved.


MisTEL enterprises saw inefficiencies in their mobile medical practice and had an idea to change the way providers interact with their scheduling staff and patients. Today, medical professionals across the country rely on the software to manage patients, appointments, and the operations of their practices.

MobileMedManager is the trademark of Mistel Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

Tyson K-12

The Tyson Foodservice K-12 Marketing team wanted to drive engagement of their brands’ school meal offerings. With Blue World’s assistance, Tyson launched dozens of campaigns across the country to find out how students enjoyed their products, engage students in social media, and promote intra-district contests leading to prizes for the schools and their students. Together, Blue World and Tyson executed programs that drove school meal participation and yielded marketing insights through web-based technologies.

Tyson® is the registered trademark of Tyson Foods, Inc. All rights reserved.

Blue World’s business and technology professionals are certified in Amazon Web Services. To learn more about how we leverage the power of AWS, contact us today!